Friday, July 15, 2005

Presidential rankings

I am quite interested in presidential rakings. After Ronald Reagan died there was a big push by the Right-Wing-Moon-Bats to put him on the $10 bill instead of Alexander Hamilton. That was a ludicrous plan since RR only ranks THIRD in 20th Century Republican presidents.

I think everyone will agree on the top three: Lincoln, FDR, Washington (my order).

It is interesting to note that when John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln on 14 April 1865 he jumped onto the stage and said "Sic Semper Tyrranis" (Thus to all tyrants). When Timothy McVeigh was arrested he had on a t-shirt with a portrait of Lincoln and that saying underneath.

After that photo was publish, Southern Partisan magazine quickly sold out of those shirts. A couple years later Sen John Ashcroft (MO) had an exclussive interview with Southern Partisan talking about how Lee, Davis, and Jackson were all "Southern Patriots." Then, our current president made him the most powerful law enforcement offical in the land.

I digress. Who's your favorite president?
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