Sunday, September 04, 2005

Bush and the Hurricane

Being a news-junkie, I read, listen to, and watch a lot of news, including the right wing people (Fox News' O'reilly, Hannity, and the local and national radio guys). I'd listen to left wing media but we don't get Air America in Milwaukee.

For the past five days or so I have repeatedly heard from the Right wing news that "left" has been blaming President Bush for the hurricane. I have heard this time and time again and even had two different right-wing friends of mine ask me if I'm one of those lefties who are blaming Bush for it.

I can't say, however, that I have heard, read, or seen anyone blame Bush for the hurricane.

Global warming does increase surface water temperature which increases the force of hurricanes, but those are probably minimal and regardless GWB can't be held responsible for all of global warming.

The marshes and barrier islands are in dire trouble off the coast of LA, but have been in decline for years and will take decades to repair.

George Bush does need to be accountable for his response, however. He flew back from vacation on a Sunday night to sign the Terri Schiavo bill, but went on two stump speeches to shore up support for his war instead of going back to D.C. to coordinate the relief effort.

He actually came out and said that "no one could imagine the levees breaching" when FEMA's simulation last year showed they would and that scenario has been discussed for decades.

On Thursday 9/1/05 our director of Homeland Security said he didn't know that there were people in the Superdome that didn't have food and water. Shouldn't these people have better information than what I can get from MSNBC??

Fortunately we are now hearing from the legitimate Right-wing media pointing out the gross incompetence of this administration, including George Will, Pat Buchanan,and David Brooks.

We have no plan for Iraq. We have no domestic agenda at all. And now we have the greatest natural disaster with no plan to handle it.

You'd need a second glass of Kool-Aid to "stay the course."


Anonymous said...

It's a sad time when celebrities, common folks and private corporations can quickly organize and generate millions of dollars in aid in a very short time. Meanwhile, the Federal Government seems totally perplexed by the whole series of events.
I have had recent encounters with FEMA because of my property on the Ohio River. After 14 months of wrangling, they finally issued me a policy. I was convinced they were making up forms to create more red tape. It took myself and two insurance agents to finally breakthrough the morass that is FEMA. I can only shiver thinking of this on a grand scale! --JP

Anonymous said...

Well put.