Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sam Alito

Well, I was wrong. Sam Alito seems the type of judge that there will be quite a fight over. He certainly has the resume, but will he be considered too extreme?

Ann Althouse, University of Wisconsin law professor, made a good point in today's New York Times, saying:

"To oppose Judge Alito because his record is conservative is to condemn us to a succession of bland nominees and to deprive future presidents of the opportunity to choose from the men and women who have dedicated long years to judicial work."

Read it all here.

Althouse was also on Open Source on Oct. 31, 2005. Well worth listening to if intrested in the topic. Listen to it here.

Curiously, if confirmed, Alito would be the 5th Catholic on the court.


Danny Joe said...

Good article in Slate about Alito and the Ivy League Schools:


Danny Joe said...

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