Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hunting with Cheney

My response to the rather tasteless bumper sticker that reads "I'd rather hunt with Dick Cheney than ride with Ted Kennedy:"

I am not particularly offended by a bumper sticker that is in poor taste.

However, I am really disgusted with the level of political discourse in this country. And with the fact that people pretend everything is swell.

Our president (and VP) get my country into a war because of the threat of WMDs. The evidence was trumped up, and, although most countries believed it, we were the ones who went to war.

Then, our President, twice elected, gets up and during a speech pretends to be looking around for the weapons, saying "Maybe they're under here, or under here..."

Our PRESIDENT did that...can you imagine FDR saying "gee...where are all the Jews? hahaha" But no one seems to care.

Bill O'Reilly gets on TV as tells Al Qaeda to attack San Fransisco. Then says "It was just a joke" and spends hours blasting stores for saying "Happy Holidays" and still is boycotting France because they were right.

Now our VP shoots a guy and the Republican response is to make a joke about an 18 year old girl drowning in 1969.

Brownie did a "heck of a job?" No one anticipated the levees breaking?

This Administration goes to the Supreme Court and argues that we SHOULD be able to execute minors and we SHOULD be able to execute the retarded. What??? Am I hearing that right??? Coulld that possibly be true????

And then they tell me that this administration is about a culture of life?

The chairman of the House Ways and Means committee is getting $730,000,000 for his district in pork. I drive through the central city of Milwaukee and see people living in dire poverty. But who cares about them. They are not donors to the Party. And The Man wants to make it harder for them to vote!

One party in this country controls the House, the Senate, The White House, 11/13 Federal courts, most of the state legislatures and most of the governerships.

It is unbelieveable what is happening. But all we do is rearrange the chairs as the band plays "Nearer, My God, To Thee".

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